HP Printer Support

HP Printer Support

As the technologies are on grown stage, the printers are developed with lots of advanced technology. Although, this is easy to manage printer issues sometimes, all the time is impossible. So, it will necessary to take HP technical support through Printer Support.

Why HP Printer Support Service is necessary?

The printer is a computer device which is able to create a representation of any electronic document file on a hardcopy like paper. Moreover, the printer can perform the essential functions that make it quite imperative in the popular computer or peripheral devices. Nowadays, the multi-functional printers become more popular that can perform multiple tasks including copy, print, scan and many more. These printers are developed with advanced features as well as latest technology. Further, this will be a difficult task for a non-technical person to manage these advanced printers. Afterward, they need a technical expert to handle the printer problems as well as other operations.         

8 Simple methods to install HP Printer:

Here we have many methods with different steps to install the HP printer.

  • USB Printer Installation:

This is the first method to install the printer. You need to follow the mentioned steps.

  • In beginning, you need to read an installation guide in order to install a printer if it is possible
  • Connect your printer to the computer through a plug
  • Further, kindly turn on your printer
  • You have to have for the operating system that detects as well as install the printer
  • After that, you can install the software which is included in your printers
  • Afterward, download the printer drivers from provided website
  • Try to Run drivers
  • Network Printer Installation (Windows):
  • Read the installation guide first
  • Try to connect the printer to your network
  • Access your control panel
  • Afterward, choose Devices & Printers
  • Then click on  “Add Printer”
  • Further, choose “add network, wireless or Bluetooth printer”
  • Choose your wireless printer from listed printers
  • At last, install drivers
  • Network Printer Installation (Mac):
  • Connect printer to the network (wired or wireless)
  • Then click on apple menu to select system preferences
  • Further, choose print & Fax
  • Now click on “Plus” button and try to search for the new printer
  • Afterward, choose your network printer through “Default” tab
  • Click on “Add” option
  • Sharing of a printer in the home group:
  • You need to find out the difference between a network printer and a shared printer
  • Install printer on your computer which you want to share from
  • Access Homegroup through the start menu
  • Further, click on “Create a Homegroup” create the new Homegroup
  • Ensure that the printer menu should be set to “shared” during the Homegroup creation
  • Enter password
  • Afterward, click to install the printer
  • Sharing of a connected printer:
  • Access your control panel
  • Choose “Network & sharing center”
  • Select “Change advanced sharing settings” link
  • Select “Turn on file and printer sharing”
  • Choose “Printers & devices” from control panel
  • Click on “share this printer”
  • Open control panel of another computer
  • Drag to select “Devices & Printers”
  • Afterward, Add printer
  • Sharing of a connected printer (Mac):
  • Access your Apple menu
  • Choose the sharing option
  • Click on the printer sharing box
  • Check box for connected printer that you want to share
  • Afterward, choose Print & Scan option
  • Printing from the android device:
  • Open chrome browser on your computer which is able to access the network printer
  • Select Google Chrome menu option to select the settings
  • Open advanced settings option
  • Select Manage option
  • Afterward, click on the add printer button
  • Printing from the iOS device:
  • Install a printer on your network that is compatible with AirPrint
  • Open file which you want to print
  • Click on “Share” button
  • Choose “Print” option
  • Choose “printer”
  • Afterward, you can use printer-specific app as well

Common Printer issues with solution:

This is the little bit tough to fix all printer problems by own. However, we are providing some common HP printer problems with solution. These following solutions will help you fix HP printer issues. Kindly determine your HP printer issue and try to fix yourself.

  • Paper Jam:

This is a common issue that users face not only with HP printer but also in other printer devices. Moreover, there are lots of reasons when paper jam issues may occur. These reasons could be such as wrong paper tray selected, torn paper bits, a lint of dust, loose paper roller and many more.


  • Make sure, you are using the right type of paper in the paper tray. You can check it through the control panel of printer
  • If you are following the wrong way, you may face paper jam issues in future
  • This is necessary to use a paper type that is compatible with printer’s properties. If not then try to correct it
  • Furthermore, check the roller. It should be tight, if it seems to be loose, tight it instantly.
  • Windows sends print task to the wrong printer:

This problem occurs when your windows choose the default printer instead of the required printer. Moreover, this is not a big issue. You can solve it instantly.


  • In windows 7, simply click on start button then tap on devices on printers
  • See the listed printers over there.
  • Further, you need a right click on the desired printer.
  • After that, select and restart the system if needed
  • Afterward, test it by print a paper
  • In windows XP, select the start button
  • Nest, choose hardware and sound option.
  • Now select the printers option
  • determine your printer in list that you want to choose
  • Right click on printer that you want to set default
  • Afterward, test it
  • Error Message:

Sometimes, users may see an error message. Usually, this message is occurred due to the power supply problem. Moreover, if you are using multiple sources in order to provide power, this is not the correct way.


You can fix this problem easily. Plug in your printer directly into the power outlet.

  • Print service stop working:

This is also a common problem in HP printers that user might face. See the solution below to fix it.


Restart your printer first. Check if the problem has been fixed. Otherwise, you need to take help from dell printer support service.

  • Printouts are too light with spots:

Sometimes printer starts delivering the light printing with spots. This could happen due to the ink/toner. If the ink/toner is become dried up.


  • To fix this issue, simply take a soft cotton cloth.
  • Further, you need to dip this cloth into the alcohol or hot water that you have.
  • Try to rub the nozzle of your printer through this cloth.