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Fix software, and manage it. Printer [Updated 2020] and update your HP printer drivers ( Envy, officejet, officejet Pro, deskjet, Laserjet), respectively. Read easy guide to set up and mount HP printer step by step with guidance on a Wireless or USB network connexion. / prompt and immediate update assistance. To set up your Printer, you can use this HP printer setup site to access and register your computer by setting up an account that solves issues with your Extender system.


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Quick Support For Printers

There are various ways to configure your printer, either by visiting the website or by contacting our customer service and finding advice from our experts on setting up HP printers.

It’s very quick to set up HP all in one printer but some users have difficulty configuring the printers. You can visit setup or contact our support team for the configuration steps of the HP all in one printer, and ask our experts to configure the HP printer. You need to visit to set up your HP all in one printer, and follow the steps provided on that link.

Download & Setup HP Printer

You can download your HP Printer driver programme by visiting our website Download from the web the required Mac software and click on update MAC software.

Driver Software for Printer

The drivers to be mounted on the configuration site The 123 HP Setup Software printer can be installed after the hardware is calibrated. Get the right programmer from

Diagnose & Instant Fix

It allows all our workers to take over the technical services provided. Our technicians work as a team and cross-check, to ensure high quality results. Guide for HP Printer Installation — The 123 HP com configuration printer is supported on Windows 10. Check our website for and find the right programmed and driver for your HP Printer. If you have any issues with your 123 HP Setup Printer while running Windows 10, you can use HP Print and Scan Doctor to examine and fix the problem. setup to [Software & Drivers]

How to Configure printer using

On this platform, HP Experts will help you track your machine by recommending the proper software and driver to keep your computer up to date. Follow the step-by – step instructions given on for further info.

First time 123 HP printer setup & installation

Step 1: 123 HP Printer Setup to Unbox

  1. Take the 123 HP Setup Printer from the shipping box and the it on a flat, rigid surface. Remove the wrapping materials off it.
  2. The kit contains the user manual, power cord, USB cable, CD-installation driver and Ink cartridges.
  3. Remove all bandages and packing materials from the case. The system is tightly packed to avoid parts of the printer moving during shipping.
  4. Hold aside shipping box and other recycled materials for packaging.

Step 2: setup Printer Power Cord Connect

  1. Attach the back of the hp printer to the tiny end of the power cord and the other end of the electrical outlet wall.
  2. Verify that you connect the power cable directly to the wall socket without a voltage stabilizer or extension cord.
  3. The computer turns in automatically. Enter the required control panel information, such as language or device, location, date and time zone, on your printer.

Step 3: How to load HP printer paper

  • Take the 123 hp System Printer input and output tray. Remove any tapes or packing materials thereon.
  • Open the entry tray and unlock the paper width and longitudinal markers on the tapes.
  • Extend the paper sheet to the full capacitance. Take the fresh package of plain white paper and load it within the input tray.
  • Drag the markers in such a way that they are near but not too close. When you have completed, remove the paper tray.

Step 4: How to install HP printer ink cartridge

  • The printers work on dual ink cartridges. A black cartridge consisting of Cyan, Magenta and Yellow in three colours.
  • The products include the user manual, power cable, USB cable, CD carrier, and Ink cartridges.
  • Unplug the protective tape under the ink cartridge, which covers the contact points and the print end. Place the tin pads in their respective slots and lock them in the latch position of the cartridge.

Step 5: Align the 123 hp com Printer tin cartridges

  • Place ink cartridges to prevent the appearance of incorrect papers.
  • Alignment is performed on the scanner. Remove the scanner’s protective layer onto the window.
  • Clean the glass and hold an orientation plate facing the edge.
  • Ensure the paper is positioned according to the orientation markings on the faces of the scanner glass.
  • Choose Good, and wait for the printer to match.

Step 6: Install the driver software 123 HP Printer

  • Driver plays a vital role in your 123-hp printer. Primary function of the driver is to communicate between the machine and the printer.
  • You can download the driver from the Website page. Clicking on the connection opens a new window. Enter the printer model, and choose the operating system for your computer.
  • When downloaded, install the printer programmer by following the on-screen instructions. Select network connection mode during installation phase.

123 HP Printer Driver Download & Installation Setup

All HP Printers are supplied with a Software CD printer programe driver. You can also download and install the system drivers for your printer from

The Driver Installation process is almost the same for display and non-display printers but if you want more information about the printer ‘s installation, you can visit the printer-specific pages for more detailed instructions.

  1. Switch the press on and the printer on.
  2. Test for connecting to the same wireless network (Wireless compatible printers applicable)
  3. Then open your computer tab, and go to


  1. Enter the name of your printer along with the number of the model. An Officejet 3830 for example. On the right hand side of the printer you’ll find the name and model number of your printer.
  2. Click the Update button, and wait for the software to run.
  3. Click it to open when you have the installation finished.
  4. If your system asks if HP Easy Start Utility will make changes to the system, then select Yes to let it make changes to the system.

Follow the Machine instructions to complete the installation process.

Driver Download for Mac using

First go to, and download the HP Deskjet printer driver by entering the code for the HP DeskJet printer. Prior to that hit HP Software and Driver’s Downloads section. Now vote for the operating system which is currently available. First, pick version of the Mac operating system, then press Start. The Driver file will start downloading, and the connection form will now be picked as USB. A similar fashion, download the HP App, and install it. Second, click on the name of the printer then click the Add button. Finally, return to your HP installer for completion of the installation process - HP OfficeJet Printer Setup

The HP Officejet printers can save time in the most convenient way to print from Android devices or tablets. The printers HP OfficeJet Pro are able to print high performance and feature smart touches. General Setup

The HP Officejet printers kit includes printer, setup board, reference guide, ink cartridges, power cords. Do all needed connections to power up the Then continue with the initial setup, including selecting your language, country, date and time. After that, press the Wireless button on the control panel of your printer. Now Wireless Show Summary appears. Second, tap Settings, and tap Wireless Configuration Assist. Finally, proceed with the control panel instructions to get network connection for the printer


How to Setup HP OfficeJet Printer?

First, look for the specs below to mount the HP OfficeJet Printer Setup on Mac; HP OfficeJet printer must be in place, USB cable must be in place, and USB printer cable must be delinked from the device. You can download HP Quick Start now at Type in the printer model code afterwards, confirm the operating system and download the HP OfficeJet printer programme. On Mac device, choose the connection type as USB. First, make sure the Install tab selects HP Search. And now if you want the printer to be connected, select the name of the printer and press the Use Print button. Then select the button Add under the pop-up menu. Finally, return to your HP installer for completion of the installation process

HP Officejet Printer Driver Download

The printer programme for the HP OfficeJet is downloadable from the Visit the Program tab, and click the Printer button first. Second, in the next tab enter the number of the printer model in the specified box, and press Submit. This will lead you into the HP Technology and Drivers segment. In Change preferred operating system two drop-down boxes should appear.

From the first window pick your operating system, that is to say, Windows or Mac. Under the second window select OS version. Check the details, and click Open. Upload the driver file to destination you have selected. Most notably, the script is run and installed by double-clicking on the user. The HP Officejet Pro driver update can be accomplished using the above info

How to Setup HP OfficeJet E-Print?

Then, start up the printer, insert paper into the input tray and test the cartridge for installation. Next leap forward on Internet services. Click on the printer control panel to print the HP button, then press Setup. After that, begin with the on-screen instructions for Web services. The email address will then be shown in the control panel, and the information configuration tab will appear. Look for the HP eprintemail address you see on the screen and start your machine, Chromebook, etc. printing.

How to Copy and Scan using HP OfficeJet Printers?

Next, to continue to copy the originals into the platen glass of the HP OfficeJet printer. Second, tap the Copy option on the control panel under Home screen. Opt for the quantity of copies you like before that. Tap Print Preview icon then press Back. Third, tap the Settings button, and choose the copy settings that you need. Click Back then return to Copy tab. And first, tap Black or Colour, the task of copying

How to Connect the HP OfficeJet Printer to Wi-Fi networks?

  • First, you have control of HP OfficeJet printer
  • Next, use the Printer Panel arrow keys to select the Configuration
  • Then select Network under the menu Setup
  • Now pick Wireless Setup Assistant under Network screen
  • Second, select Network from the available list
  • Go ahead with the WEP / WPA network passphrase, and click OK
  • Now tap OK to test Parameters

How to Fix the Issues with HP OfficeJet Printer Setup?

The steps below will help solve the installation problems

  • Also make sure that the paper inside the tray is either curled or ripped
  • Next make sure that the initial setup is complete and that all packaging items are removed
  • If you can see an error when configuring the device, delete the functions of the HP Printer interface
  • The HP OfficeJet printer Offline issues can be solved by right-clicking the printer icon and then selecting the Online Printer option
  • If the issue persists, consider rebooting all HP Officejet printers and reinstalling the printer - HP LaserJet Printer Setup

The HP LaserJet printer is designed to boost business performance and productivity and several models with various features are available under the HP LaserJet printer. That can print 10,000 copies in a month, and printing speeds are up to 24 ppm.

HP Laserjet Printer General Setup

At first, having the HP LaserJet printer kit unwrapped is all it needs to be. First, test the contents needed, such as toner cartridges, poster set-up, reference guide etc. Creating all the requisite connexions to power it on the Then proceed with the basic setup such as language, country, date and time selection. Now the LaserJet HP Printer is connected to the network. Likewise, the ink cartridges are honestly placed, then the papers are loaded into the tray following the prompts from the printer. Thus the general HP Laserjet printer setup is complete


Installing HP LaserJet Printer Driver

For Windows 7

  • Firstly, get to the Widows control panel. Click on the Computers and Printers link, then select Add a Printer
  • And from the Choose a laptop or printer to connect this computer, choose the printer and then press Next on the phone to put the driver on.
  • Second, select the port used by the printer, and choose Next. Use the TCP / IP address or host name after that to connect a printer. Now, in the pull-down list of App type, pick Auto Detect
  • Finally, enter the IP address of the printer driver, and wait until the printer driver is downloaded using

How to Setup HP LaserJet E-Print using 123 HP Printer?

First switching the computer on, then the Laserjet HP printer. The printer will now connect to the internet, and the available web services will be shown on the control panel. Enable subsequent e-print function. Then set the email address of the HP LaserJet printer so you pick the services you want

The e-print manual will be printed after you have completed the above measures

How to Copy and Scan using HP LaserJet Printers?

Next, load the papers onto the platen bottle of the HP LaserJet printer. Then press the Copy Menu button and change the default settings. To use the number of copies, first press the Lighter or Darker button, and then click on the keypad. Finally, press the Start Copy button, to begin the copying process

How to Connect the HP LaserJet Printer to Wi-Fi networks?

Windows APP 

To link the HP LaserJet printer to the web using first go to the printer control panel. Third, push Wireless’s Menu button. And then push the Wireless Setup button and opt for the Network from the list available. Provide the password after the prompt for the printer, then press OK button

Connect to Mac via HP Smart

  1. Second , make sure that your Android device has the same network connectivity as HP’s LaserJet printer
  2. Go on downloading and installing the HP Smart programme afterwards from
  3. Start installation once you have finished downloading
  4. Start the next HP Smart app, and agree to the terms and conditions
  5. Tap on the symbol Plus, then tap On Printer
  6. Press Setup then, and instal a new printer
  7. Finally, the LCD prompts you to connect to the wireless network

How to Fix the Issues with HP LaserJet Printer Setup?

  • Use to correct issue with driver installation. Input the Control Panel of your machine at first
  • Next select the Software option and then pick the driver from the available list.
  • Then right-click on the driver and select Uninstall
  • You can use a third party programme to clear HP machine entries until they are reinstalled
  • The quantities of ink in the ink cartridges are then checked. Make sure the folding or curling papers are not included. - HP DeskJet Printer Setup

You may expand the HP Deskjet printers to large industrial groups and small businesses. All of this in one printer, according to their service cycle, can copy, scan, print and print 1000 pages per month.

HP Deskjet Printer General Setup

  • Subsequently, unload the printer from the printer box using
  • Check to have all the necessary printer attachments supplied to you
  • Now continue with the basic link including powering the printer, selecting the area language, etc.
  • The HP Deskjet printer would then prompt loading of the paper and toner cartridges
  • The alignment page will finally be printed and the initial setup finished and HP printer installed


How to Setup HP DeskJet E-Print?

First, press the joystick on the printer’s eprint button. Now click the On-screen Turn button and this will check the registration status. Tap the Print Details option under the Overview tab on Web Services. And then the printer will prompt you a message asking you to authorise the print job sent, Tap Yes. The printed page will consist of information such as the e-mail address of the printer and all the steps that you need to do

How to Copy and Scan using HP LaserJet Printers?

Next, load the documents onto the platen bottle of the HP LaserJet printer. Then click the Copy Menu button and change the default settings. To use the number of copies, first, press the Lighter or Darker button, and then click the keypad. Finally, press the Start Copy button, to begin the copying job

How to Copy and Scan using HP DeskJet Printers?

The original paper is put on the platen glass at first to transfer to a computer using Second, the scanning process begins according to the printer software. Windows 8: right-click a blank area on the Start screen and select the printer name icon for all the applications. Windows 7, Vista, XP: first press the Start button, then go to All Programs — > HP and then select the type of printer. Finally, pick the Print & Scan section in the Panel of the printer programme

The printer LCD prompts would then scan for a document unders and should continue to do so. Second, start loading the document onto the scanner screen to copy documents using Finally, copy by pressing either Start Black or Start Copying Color

How to Connect the HP DeskJet Printer to Wi-Fi networks?

PIN method

At first, push the Wireless Button on the Printer Side. First, to print the Configuration tab, press the Black Start Copy button. The WPS pin is available in the Network configuration tab for printing. Second, press the Wireless Button on the printer’s control panel for 3 seconds long. And check if the Wireless LED is blinking up. Finally, access the service or software for the wireless router, and then provide the WPS button. Within 2 minutes the printer has to connect successfully to the network.

How to Fix the Issues with HP DeskJet Printer Setup?

Second, to improve the consistency test of printing at an ink standard. The HP DeskJet printer software would then be uninstalled and reinstalled. Please ensure clean and tidy documents are added. Second, check that the driver was correctly mounted. If not, uninstall the driver and reinstall the latest version of the DeskJet Driver hp and hence the basic HP Deskjet troubleshooting measures

HP Mobile Printer Solutions

HP Printer has a number of mobile printing solutions including HP Smart Computer, HP eprint, Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Mopria, HP Print Service Plugin, and more. What you need to do is download those applications and print them over a network. HP Handheld Printer uses such methods

HP AirPrint Setup

HP AirPrint Setup can be easily done using

Next verify that the Apple machine has access to the same network and HP printer. And check for link status to the print network. Now start the application or document you wish to print and press the Sharing button. Tap the Print or Print icon after that, to access the printer options. Similarly, tap the Select Printer option to choose for your printer. Do the required printing changes, and then start the print job

  1. The printers allow fast and convenient wireless printing for mobile iOS. This iOS configuration includes a laptop, laptop, and active network.
  2. Next measure whether it links the mobile and the printer to the same active network. Then, in printer settings, activate the choice AirPrint.
  3. Next select the document you wish to print from your iPhone to the printer via air.
  4. Then click the Share icon and Print option, you can enter even the number of copies that you wish to produce.
  5. So only make sure that the iOS device is updated to the new OS update and that the current firmware unlocks the printer.
  6. The airPrint ultimately improves business efficiency and profitability by cutting down on the amount of time you spend on printing. It is also easy to use and gives the office staff working on the same office network flexibility.

HP Printer ePrint Setup

  1. First we need a printer, an Android phone and an ePrint application that you can download from the play store.
  2. Next check to see if it links your 123 Printer Configuration printer and phone to the same network.
  3. Inside the app you can see the network’s printer list, the printers you have previously connected to the network, and the printing services near your 123 printer.
  4. After entering the email address of the printer the application must apply an activation code to the email address. Check then to give the 4-digit alpha numeric activation code to the email address.
  5. Next enter the activation code on the android device into the ePrint software. Then press had done it in the consecutive tab of the document. Now they can recognise the printer name with enabled web service that links to the same network as the device.

HP Printer Cloud Print Setup

The next steps will support HP Cloud Print Setup. Firstly, sign the HP printer on Google Cloud. To do that, launch a new web browser, then click the menu icon at the top right corner of the screen. And pick Settings under Menu icon. Now scroll down from the Settings tab and select the Advanced Settings link. Next click Google Cloud Print Manage option. After that, under New Devices, select the Register button, then press Register to confirm again. These information will show up on your printer’s control panel, go through it and tap Yes. Printer Connection

If you are considering connecting your printer, there are three options from which you can choose one. Such connections aren’t permanent, if you want to change the connection settings you can do that too. Learn how to connect to the Printer:

USB Printing Setup

Hp printer setup lets you print via their built-in USB drive from your flash driver. It also features an email scanning facility which lets you print the document directly from the touch screen of your printer.

Ethernet Connection

The Ethernet link option allows you to create a wired connexion using Ethernet cable. You must connect the Ethernet ports securely to a printer and a laptop.

Wireless Network Setup

The wireless networking technology that is provided by HP printers helps you to easily link the printer to the wireless network. You can then send your computer print directly to the printer via this.

123.Hp.Com/Setup Provides Complete Hp Printer Setup Solution

For all HP printers, you can get instant assistance at, full support, step-by – step configuration instructions, driver download, troubleshooting …

To pick the correct provider, set up the correct instructions for your HP printer, and troubleshoot all the errors, you are only one click away. If you are using HP printers then you need to be aware of the advantages of using such an advanced printer. The HP printers are the all-in-one choice for both home and office use.

Newer users who have purchased a new, modern HP printer need the setup guidance. Configuring the HP printer is really simple but you need to have complete knowledge of it. Full HP printer configuration information, how to get HP printer drivers, instal process, mobile printing, troubleshooting and so on can be found on this page here.

With our guide let us get you started.

Find the solutions here for:


Below is a complete guide for your desktop and laptop Windows operating system., configuration, upgrade, and how to use HP Printer Windows.


If you use Mac and run HP Printer along with it, and you encounter any difficulties during the process, you can get the solution to the various errors here.


Users of HP printers can now attach their printer to their smartphone so they can get instant HD prints.

Installation of HP Printer using USB Cable

  • USB cable ports are used in your laptop or network router to plug in a USB cable or an Ethernet cable.
  • A lot of computers are linked to a wired network with one built-in Ethernet port.
  • USB or Ethernet cables are distinct from those used for connecting your mobile phone.
  • Plug your printer into the USB cable port, as well as another port on your laptop.
  • Now follow the on-screen instructions, and install the HP printer driver programme.

HP Printer Driver Configuration to

To run your printer and get the prints in your output tray you will need drivers and software on your computer. As print drivers, and give the order to the printer.

  • Switch the press and the printer on.
  • Now open your browser, and proceed to
  • Pick your operating system and find the drivers corresponding to your printer model.
  • To complete the setup press Install and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • After the installation process is complete, you’ll access it in the file folder.
  • Now you need to mount the HP Printer keys but be sure to attach the printer to the computer before this happens.
  • Open the configuration file for the Downloads folder, and run the application afterwards.
  • Now select Install option and start installation, follow the on-screen instructions to complete setup.

HP Printer System Using Ethernet

  1. Next, make sure you have an Ethernet cable that fits your model printer.
  2. Make sure you select the Wired Network or Ethernet option when selecting the type of connection during installation.
    1. Right now, you need to:
    2. An Network Router.
  3. If the router doesn’t have free ports, it will require a switch or hub with available Ethernet ports.
  4. Link printer to Ethernet ports with router.
  5. That provides a connection between your network router and your printer.

Printer Wireless Link

  1. Click on the Printer ‘s Wireless button
  2. The light blue means it is ON. Now click on the on-screen Printer Settings.
  3. Next, choose Wireless Setup Wizard by default, and choose Yes.
  4. You have to follow instructions on-screen.
  5. The printer has to find available networks from the router.
  6. To connect, select your router from the list and enter a password for your network.
  7. Follow on-screen directions and confirm link to wireless network.

How to Connect HP Printer To Your Windows?

To connect your HP printer to windows, first you need to verify if your printer supports the Windows version you have. Used in previous versions of Windows:

  • Windows 10 Anyway
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8 Read more
  • Windows Seven
  • Windows 7-Vista
  • Windows XP Version

Therefore, you must first connect the hp printer to your windows wireless, or use UBS / Ethernet, to connect it to the network.

HP Printer is connected to windows using the built-in Windows solution and this is due to the printer driver already present with the latest Windows operating systems. However if you do not have it, you can get it at

  1. On Windows, turn to search function.
  2. Click The button Start.
  3. Installation of form shifting device.
  4. Windows opens to trigger the device.
  5. Now select the option which says update automatically.

Installing Windows Printer Drivers:

  1. Go to Start or Windows icon option.
  2. To connect the printer click in the search menu bar.
  3. On the new tab you will be given the option to select a network connection.
  4. Choose the option that says Connect a Bluetooth printer or a wireless network.
  5. Now tap on unused door.
  6. Select Next.
  7. However, if you’re going for a USB connexion, add a local printer.
  8. Then choose your printer ‘s name, and then Next.
  9. A new window appears and says activation of the printer engine.
  10. In Browsers press the Update button.

Now it finally shows up from the printer vendors, choose HP.

How to Connect HP Printer With Mac?

If you are using Mac and other iOS devices confirm support for HP Printer in the version. First you will need to link your Mac or laptop to the same network, either wireless or through a USB cable or an Ethernet.

Link your Mac and Printer to USB.

  • Now connect the devices wirelessly to the internet, or through a wired connexion.
  • Open the Apple menu, and pick Applications Update.
  • Or press ‘About this Mac’ and select System Updates.
  • Click The Download button.

Set your Mac printer to select:

  • Go to the Apple Menu, and pick System Preferences.
  • Now select Fax and Printer from the Hardware list.
  • When your printer shows up in the list:
    Sign-) (and uninstall printer. Now go to (+) and pick Link a printer or scanner.
  • Tap on when your printer ‘s name pops up.
  • Then tap Start.

Except indicated on your printer:

  • Now turn on sign (+) and press Connect Printer or Scanner.
  • Choose your name for printer in the list.
  • Then tap Start.
  • Using the ‘Print Using’ tab to select a name for your printer.
  • Download and update Apple Printer Program now.

You will use the printer to get the HD printer from your HP printer when you’re done with your for the Mac.

How to Connect HP Printer With Smartphone?

To complete the setup, please follow the steps below if you want to learn how to connect the printer to a phone or laptop. But before that, you need to make sure that your printer and smartphone are connected to by the same network.

Apps for:

  • Download the HP Print service on Google Store.
  • Now open the item that you want to print out.
  • Click Menu button.
  • Pick the Print of choice.
  • Page settings are changed, if you wish.
  • Tap Print.

For Apple Mobile:

  • Choose the object you want to print to.
  • Open the document you ‘d like to print, or the picture.
  • Now press Sharing icon.
  • Click on the Sign (+) to mount your printer.
  • Click Print to get the prints on an HD.

HP Printer Embedded Web Services

  1. First, use ePrint services to provide Web services options and assign an ePrint email address in Printer and connect the printer to an active Internet communication network.
  2. Then one can use the printer apps that are installed in the printer to print and access web content. Even the printer allows you to print material to the internet automatically.
  3. Next the printer connects directly to the printer from any location. Simple to use: ePrint.
  4. For the ePrint service no special driver or software is required. EPrint supports a number of file formats including HTML, PDF,.docx, and PowerPoint. Importantly, the printer has an option to protect ePrint which only sends all attachments and documents in print format. This then decreases the probability of spam, web phishing and virus attacks.
  5. Then simply share your email address with a known person to improve the protection options for printers. Keeping an account on the ePrint Center website can also philter out the email senders to the printer.
  6. The Online Services of the printer eventually include ePrint, Print Apps and scheduled printing services.

Enabling Web Services on your web connector Printer

Appear after connecting the printer to the active Internet Network in your printer access control Make Web Service option. Then press OK to agree to the terms and conditions of use and to allow Web services to continue. If on the initial setup of the printer one did not allow web service, press the ePrint button on the monitor of the control panel to allow the web service. The printer must then print an instruction sheet next to connect the printer to the ePrint service with success. The instruction sheet contains all the details on the printer needed to connect to the ePrintCenter. Eventually, establish an ePrintCenter account and get the eMail address for ePrint. One can make or disable the list of those emails sent in the environment.

HP Printer and Scan Doctor

The HP Print and Scan Doctor is a cost-free system that can easily fix most of the printing and scanning problems associated with HP printers due to various printing and scanning issues, and can also correct all communication errors.

Steps to import HP Print and Doctor Scans

  • Next, download the HP Print and Scan Doctor on
  • Run the downloaded file onto your computer next
  • Start the HP Print and Scan Doctor programme first
  • Now press Repair Scanning or Printing according to the type of problem
  • The test results will show up with some icons

HP Smart App

The HP Smart software is an application that lets us instal, scan, print, share and monitor the HP printer for Android devices. This software is available only for HP Wireless Printer.

How to download the Smart app?

Firstly, you can download the HP Smart app from Enable and connect your HP printer to Bluetooth permissions on Android apps.

123 HP Printer Troubleshooting

The printer cleverly solves all the tough problems by providing the best applicable services possible. Often this provides helpful tips for troubleshooting frequently occurring technical issues. All the technical problems with advanced solutions are identified, understood and sorted out quickly. It is also possible to create a solution more effectively and safely in less time, using traditional methods.

How To Fix HP Printer Offline Issue? Offline printer, which prompts a machine status alert, usually occurs when the network link between the router and the HP printer is disconnected; this may also be due to certain network conditions.

How To Fix HP Printer Not Printing Issue?

123 HP Printer often encounters press-related issues by not printing and not publishing. HP Printers are good when they’re running, but when they’re not running it frustrates us.

How To Fix HP Printer Carriage Jam?

Typically a ‘Carriage Jam’ error message occurs for the drug in the control panel. The carriage stalls to the left side of the cartridge-containing box. Might already have been 123hp of paper jam in it.

How To Fix HP Printer Quality Issue?

Not only HP Printer is responsible for quality printing. There are some root causes of different factors yet to be checked. Problems with the software environment can vary from the print process.

How To Fix HP Paper Jam Issue Easily?

Typically a paper jam occurs when paper or other printed material is stuck in an HP design printer and can not be removed. When this condition occurs the printer will not operate properly until the paper is removed.

How To Fix HP Slow Printing Issue?

Depending on system configuration, print mode, document complexity, software, type of paper used and connectivity the print can alter. The processing speed has no relation to the printing speed. This may be due to poor network.

Troubleshooting Printer Setup

  1. In the event of any problems following the steps, try to connect the printer to the computer after downloading the device driver and software from the printer setup;
  2. After installing the system driver and software, the list of printers and other devices connected to the same network will initially show up in the computer.
  3. Instead, pick your printer name in the printers that are connected to the network mentioned below.
  4. If your printer is not related, you will not be shown pressing the Printer option in the list. Then choose the type of communication that connects your printer to a wireless network computer, an Ethernet cable or a USB cable.
  5. When selecting wireless network, the computer will try to connect with the printer once more.
  6. The computer will trigger a temporary time of connecting a USB cable to the printer and device. Now connect the square end of the cable to the printer, and the computer to the flat end.
  7. Next the system must try to install both the drivers and the app. Extracts the script, then launches it. Now follow the steps below to complete the setup, prompted on the screen.
  8. Eventually the hardware of the wireless network will be installed in printer setup now. If the device is successfully installed, cut the USB cable.

HP Printer Support Official Contact Information

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