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123.hp.com/envy6255 Printer Setup & Installation

With your Hp Envy 6255 printer, you can easily print, scan and copy from 123.hp.com/setup 6255. You can get Wi-Fi set in minutes and print from mobile printing solutions such as ePrint, Air Print, and Mopria printing. Control the paper with the automatic duplexer. HP Envy 6255 Picture and Document All-in-One Printers are generally designed for families and other home users who want a computer that can print anything. This includes documents, e-mail, and web pages for rich and bright lab-quality photos.

123.hp.com/envy6255 Printer Connection:

  • Connect via wireless, USB, Wi-Fi, and dual-band Wi-Fi networks.
  • The copy has a resolution of up to 300 dpi.
  • The printer supports the integrated universal power supply and HP Thermal Inkjet Technology.
  • Reduce the cost per page for Automated duplex printing.
  • The printing speed of black and white is 13 ppm and the color is 8 ppm.
  • The photo printer has a monthly duty cycle of up to 1000 pages.
  • Scan has a resolution of up to 1200 dpi.
  • Supports all Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.
  • The scanner is a type of flatbed.
  • The standard media size is up to 125 sheets of paper.

123 HP Envy 6255 Printer Quick Technical Support

123.hp.com/envy6255 – Mobile Application (Printing) Support

123 HP Envy 6255 Airprint

AirPrint is an exceptional feature that allows you to print a document or a picture from an Apple device by connecting your HP compatible printer to a wireless network. If you are using a compatible HP AirPrint printer that includes wireless features, these instructions can help you set up AirPrint.

123 HP Envy 6255 ePrint

HP ePrint is a cloud-based service that quickly generates prints from your Desktop, Mobile, or Tablet. Print with a live internet connexion from anywhere. You can submit the document or image you need to print directly to the 123 HP ePrint enabled printer.

123 HP Envy 6255 Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print helps you to share your printers with just one click. Every type of app that is connected to a web-connected device may use Cloud Print. You can attach a printer to your Google Cloud Print account and start printing it. Handling printers and printing jobs in cloud-ready printers is easy.

123.hp.com/envy6255 Install – Latest Driver & Manual Download

123 HP Envy 6255 Driver

Download the Updated Printer Driver:

  • Get the new version of the printer driver from 123.hp.com/envy 6255 to us in seconds.
  • Click the link to download 123 HP Envy Picture 6255 for Windows and Mac compatible printers.

123.hp.com/envy6255 Manual

Download the Easy Procedural Guide:

  • Our simple step-by-step instructions help you set up and troubleshoot printers on your own.
  • Click the link to download the corresponding 123 HP Envy 6255 user manual.

123.hp.com/envy6255 Printer Driver and Software Download Procedure

To download the software for your Laptop, pick a connexion on our website 123.hp.com/setup 6255. Downloading a full-feature driver can help you access the full printer features. The driver file format for your Windows and Mac PC vary where .exe is the file format for your Windows PC. The driver file format for Mac PC will be in the .dmg format. The different types of procedures for downloading software are given below.

Type 1: Downloading the printer driver using the installation CD

Make sure you have a software installation CD that was shipped with the printer. If you want to connect a printer to a USB cable, find a compatible one.
Turn on your printer and Computer, then insert the CD / DVD into your Computer, and then run the setup file.
Now, the software wizard is starting to download. You should follow the instructions on-screen to complete the download process.
Wait for instructions and form a USB connexion between the printer and the Computer.
Make sure you follow the instructions for each step of the wizard and then complete the installation.

Type 2: Downloading the printer driver using the setup file

  • Download a printer software setup file and use a compatible USB cable to connect the printer.
  • Make sure the computer is on, and then install the driver. It is advisable not to connect the USB cable until it has been ordered.
  • Now, run the setup file as an administrator to allow the installation wizard. You should follow the prompts on-screen to complete the download process.
  • After your HP photo, 6255 printer has been found, follow the step-by-step procedure in the wizard and finish the installation.
  • Now that the driver download process is complete, it’s time to try printing something.

Type 3: Downloading the printer driver manually.

  • Select Add a printer option on your Windows Desktop to manually install a printer driver using 123.hp.com/envy 6255.
  • Make sure you download the printer application and setup file and then connect the USB cable to the printer.
  • Now, check if the PC is on, and then extract the zip files to a file location.
  • Select the choice, then tap Printer. You will note that the option Add a printer appears.
  • Tap the Add Print option, and then click Next to locate the HP Envy 6255 printer driver.

123.hp.com/envy6255 – HP Envy photo 6255 Troubleshooting Issues

Wi-Fi Setup Procedure

Make sure your HP Envy Photo 6255 printer is connected to a wireless network. Follow the simple prompts below to set up your printer on a wireless network.

  • Collect your network name and password, and then make sure your device and printer are ready for installation. Now, verify that your system has access to the internet.
  • Verify that your system, printer, and router are on and ensure that your device is connected to the same wireless network as your HP Photo 6255 printer is connected to.
  • Ensure that you use the built-in Wireless Setup Wizard to open or search the printer folder in the list of installed software program.  Now move on to the next step.
  • Turn on the printer and then choose an appropriate connexion method to connect your printer to the network. You should follow the instructions in the control panel.
  • Ensure that you install the current version of the full feature software and identify the correct method to identify the 123 HP Envy 6255 printer. Make sure you follow the instructions on the screen to go to the download page.
  • Tap Download next to the full driver feature or select Simple Drivers for other driver options. The new driver for your device can be download from our website at 123.hp.com/setup 6255.
  • HP Envy 6255 printers without a touch-screen can use the USB wireless setup process. Only when you are prompted by the software, connect and unplug the cable.
  • Follow the prompts on the screen to help you configure your printer’s wireless connexion. Complete the process by following the prompts in the wizard on the screen.

How to fix scanning Error?

In certain situations, you may be having trouble with the network connexion when trying to scan a document. This can happen if a scanner or a device is not found or the scan fails. Initially, on the scanner, click the Start button. If you are unable to scan, make sure that you reboot your PC after installing the scanning software. You should follow the basic guidelines below, which can help you fix a network scanner link error.

  • If you confirm that the problem is print-related, make sure you restart the devices and then check the scan settings for the driver. Reboot the devices and check the settings for scanning the driver.
  • Make sure you check the status of your printer and network. Download HP Print and Scan Doctor for Windows now. Make sure you check the settings for a third-party firewall on your Mac. Now, remove and add the printer again.
  • If you have completed the download process, uninstall the HP software temporarily and reinstall it again. Now, check the Windows Image Acquisition settings on your Windows PC.
  • Scan with the HP Easy Scan app or Apple Picture capture on your Mac OS. Now, to help printer scanning, make sure you uninstall the printer driver and software and reinstall the new scan driver and software.
  • If the problem continues, you should find some other remedy. If all of the above steps have not been completed, you should try resetting the print system on your Mac computer.
  • Our expert team is here to provide you with the troubleshooting steps and to resolve printer problems from 123.hp.com/envy6255.

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