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  • Common problems on a HP printer include no printing problem, communication issues, outdated printer or firmware drivers, paper and ink cartridges error. If you are dealing with wireless problems, choose…

  • Fix My Printer  >> All Queries  >> Windows 10 Troubleshooter Windows 10 Printer Troubleshooter If you are facing problems while using a printer which is connected to your Windows 10 computer, you can try to solve the issues by performing the Windows 10 printer troubleshooter methods given below. If you are running on a version […]

  • Fix My Printer  >> All Queries  >> Fix Printer Driver How To Fix Printer Driver Issues, Errors and Problems Lets start for how to fix printer driver, the printer drivers can be fixed by updating the printer driver software, setting the printer as the default printer to avoid duplication, etc. The driver software establishes the […]

  • Fix My Printer  >> All Queries  >> Not Print From Computer Troubleshooting Guide: Printer Won’t Print From Computer To fix printer won’t print from computer, perform a hard reboot on the printer. Take a look at the ink cartridges and ensure that they are correctly installed. Verify the network/USB connection. Do not use USB when […]

  • Fix My Printer  >> All Queries  >> Printer say not connected [Fixed] Why Does My Printer Say Not Connected The error message Printer not connected and Refresh the printer on the printer control panel indicates that there is a lousy network problem between the printer and the computer. Follow the simple steps given below to […]

  • Fix My Printer  >> All Queries  >> Fix Wireless Printer Offline Error How to Get Wireless Printer Back Online To know how to get wireless printer back online, first make sure that the printer is plugged in to the power source. Place the printer near the router to get the wireless signal continuously without any […]

  • Fix My Printer  >> All Queries  >> Windows 10 Printer Troubleshooter Printer Troubleshooter Windows 10 PC The printer troubleshooter windows 10 pc is present in PC Settings. However, you can also access that option from the Devices and Printers settings from the Start menu. You can also use Windows 10’s printer troubleshooting tool to resolve […]

  • Fix My Printer  >> All Queries  >> Open Printer Troubleshooter Open The Printer Troubleshooter And Run The Troubleshooter Open the printer troubleshooter and run it to diagnose and solves all the printer problems. The problems can either be related to the hardware or software of the printer. If you are facing small issues in printing […]

  • Fix My Printer  >> All Queries  >> Printer Connected But Not Printing [Troubleshooting] Printer Connected But Won’t Print The printer connected but won’t print because of the errors or issues like black or color ink not printing, printer is offline etc. To solve the problem, reinstall the printer driver and use genuine ink cartridges. Fix […]

  • Fix My Printer  >> All Queries  >> Printer Not Connect Wirelessly My Printer Does Not Work Wirelessly The “my printer does not work wirelessly” problems can be either hardware issues, old drivers, default printer problems etc. If the driver software is outdated, update it. Also, set the printer as the default printer and make sure […]

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